Connections - 05.30.24

Empowering Employees on Their Well-Being Journeys

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The world is changing faster than ever — working life looks a lot different than it did five years ago for people of all abilities. But, when it comes down to it, employees still want the same things: compensation that reflects their value, a workplace that both challenges and supports them, and the time and energy to cultivate balanced and healthy lives.

How employers empower their people to live their best lives comes down to specific solutions for their business; there is often not a one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone to achieve this goal. However, the positives that come along with being an employer that provides their people with tools on their well-being journeys – a more productive workforce, happier people, becoming a diverse talent destination – are more than enough motivation to inspire decision-makers to look for ways they can rise to meet their people’s needs.

Starting on this journey towards supporting your best asset – your people – means evaluating your workforce’s needs alongside a partner that can help you gather and understand the data. Gaining a deeper understanding of what inspires them each day and what aspects of well-being and wellness they care most about allows organizations to know what to focus on and what employees will value and use.

This could mean building incentive programs to developing metrics and return on investment targets to analyzing wellness, well-being and disease-management platforms. Or it could mean implementing tools to promote financial wellness like planning support, which can make a real difference in lowering stress and increasing job satisfaction — or combining a mix of tools in a centralized total engagement platform such as NFP’s PeopleEQ. PeopleEQ is a comprehensive benefits hub, employee resource dashboard, and source for financial and lifestyle well-being tools.

Each member of your workforce has different needs and abilities surrounding their physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being. Make sure your people are getting the support they need to not only succeed but thrive.

Contact an NFP Health and Well-Being expert for the right tools for your diverse workforce today.

Michael H. Hutcherson is Vice President of NFP.