Person-Centered Supports

Person-centered supports empower people with disabilities to set their own goals—and blaze their own trails toward achieving those goals. With the right support, anything is possible.

About This Priority

A life with equitable and unlimited possibilities is about far more than just ensuring people can live somewhere other than a state-run institution. It’s about making choices, setting goals, and having the support needed to transform dreams into reality. Supports that are truly person-centered consider not only what steps it might take to propel someone toward achieving their goals, but also how to engage the person in the processes of identifying what goals are important to them and coming up with a plan to achieve them.

Person-centered supports: the gold standard for connecting people with their communities and a life with unlimited possibilities.

The Latest

The Latest

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National Launch of the Case for Inclusion 2024

This year’s Case for Inclusion reveals some promising progress that has been made since we published the 2023 edition of this annual report.