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ANCOR News - 05.05.23

Download and Customize a DSP Certificate and Letter of Recognition for Your Nominee

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Dear Nominator,

Thank you for nominating a DSP for a 2023 ANCOR DSP of the Year Award. As you know, we received an incredibly high number of submissions this year, and while we weren’t able to honor all of our nominees formally, we are still eager to celebrate your nominee’s important accomplishments.

Traditionally, we have mailed letters and certificates of recognition to the nominees that aren’t selected to receive an award. Unfortunately, between DSPs working in different places and ANCOR not always having the best address on file, a significant portion of the certificates we mail never make it to their intended recipients.

To make it easier for you and for us—and to ensure your DSPs receive the recognition they deserve—we have decided to make these documents available as templates for digital download. These documents can be downloaded with a single click and easily customized to honor the DSP(s) who were nominated but not selected for an award. There are two documents available, and we encourage you to download and customize both.

The first is an official certificate, with signatures from ANCOR CEO Barbara Merrill and ANCOR President Diane Beastrom. The second is a letter written and signed by Barbara Merrill. Once you’ve adapted these templates to honor your DSP, we encourage you to:

  • Present them to your nominee(s) at a staff meeting.
  • Print them or save them to include in the nominee’s employee file for future recognition.
  • Share a celebration of your outstanding DSP(s) on social media using #RecognizingExcellence and tagging @TheRealANCOR so we can amplify your celebration!

Download the Certificate of Recognition
Download the Letter of Recognition